Our Recruitment Specialists have strong contacts with media channels in Life Science, which they use when deciding on the Advertising Process. The cost of this advertising is charged separately, following an agreement with the client. We naturally take care of all of the applications that are received and the process as a whole.

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We start by holding a start-up meeting with our client, where we collect relevant information about the position, the team and the organisation. We discuss the education/training, experience, key skills and personal characteristics that are essential to carry out the job as effectively as possible. We compile this information and produce a job description. The job description contains all the information about the position, the organisation, the team and the accountabilities, and we use it to market the position so that we can find and attract the most suitable candidate.

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The Recruitment Specialist uses tests and tools to quality-assure the assessment of every candidate in the process. We work with a test company that uses validated selection tools that are among the best and most scientifically proven tools in the market. Every consultant is a certified user of the tools and tests that we use. We can supplement these tests with samples of work if you want. The selection includes the following: – Competency-based in-depth interview – Personality questionnaire with feedback – and as an option – skills tests (numerical, verbal and inductive ability)

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A summary of each final candidate is submitted, with an assessment and evaluation for the position in question. We have an evaluation meeting towards the end of the process, where we go through the candidates together and decide who should be offered the job. The consultant acts as a support for both the candidates and the recruiting manager until the employment contract has been signed. The consultant informs the other candidates in the recruitment process that another candidate was chosen for this position.

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References are taken through competency-based in-depth interviews. The CV of the final candidate is checked and a credit check is also carried out. We will make sure that the candidate meets any other requirements that are specific for the position in question.

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The consultant follows up with the successful candidates by calling them 3 and 6 months after they start their new job.

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